Amazon Marketing: 5 Tips to optimise your amazon product listing

There are thousands of products on Amazon. Competition is really high. As the seller, you have to make sure that your product reaches the eyes of your target audience. For that, you need to optimise your Amazon listing. The Amazon Marketing Agency uses a private algorithm to filter their product suggestions. The factors are mainly seller conversion metrics like performance, price, customer review and sales history.  This helps to attract purchasers apt for the product. Optimising Amazon listings increases your visibility to the target audience.

Some ways to optimise your Amazon listing are discussed below.

Tips to optimise your Amazing listing

The Amazon marketing agency allows you to optimise your Amazon listing to help you reach your audience through a few key factors. These are:

1.Product Title

The maximum length of the product title allowed by Amazon is 250 for most categories. However, one can find that most product titles are below 200. The reason, the products with title length above 200 automatically get suppressed during viewing. You should write a title such that on reading it, the buyer can have enough information to decide whether to continue or not. The title must contain the most crucial information that the buyer looks for at first like brand, model, size, color, quantity. Also, keep in mind the questions that buyers mostly ask about your product and try to include them in your title.


  • Do not use all caps and use capital letters for the first letter of each word.
  • Use “and” instead of ampersand (&)
  • Do not include details of price and quantity
  • Do not use promotional messages like discounts
  • All numbers should be in numerics.
  • Do not use symbols.

2.Product Images

The Amazon Marketing Agency allows a lead image and eight other product images. Make sure the images are of high quality and of minimum 1000×500 pixels. Use a white background for the lead image. In the other images, display your product from different angles, one with the product in use and one image which shows the product packaging. It is recommended that the product should fill 85% of the image. The images should also display the dimensions of the product otherwise the customer may not understand the actual size of the product which may welcome negative feedback.

3. Key Product Features

You are allowed to describe your product features in 1000 characters. You have to explain to your customers why your product is better than the others’ through their uses and benefits. Currently, the first 1000 characters of the bullets get ranked. Thus, if you use 200 characters in each bullet, then all five bullets will get ranked. The bullets should be styled in the following manner- attention getting, benefit first, feature first, informational. However, keep in mind that in the mobile app of Amazon, only the first 400 characters get truncated. Thus, keep your language precise.

4. Product Description

For product description, amazon allows you 2000 characters. Do not use long complex sentences which might be difficult for the user to understand. Do not use exaggerated features which your product does not meet. You can do the following in your product description- expand on your bullets, introduce additional benefits/features, highlight use, support your claims.


Use light HTML, break paragraphs, use keywords you have not used in the title. Refrain from using your seller name and company information.

5. Keywords

Relevant keywords should be used so that the customer finds your product easily. You can add keywords to your product title or product features. Amazon allows backend keywords to increase product discoverability. The keywords can be about product types, features, benefits or any other related term. Do not repeat the same keyword twice.

These are some of the ways by which you can optimise your Amazon listing. The Amazon Marketing Agency has some other parameters too to optimise your listing like Search Terms Fields, Product Reviews, Product Rating etc.