4 Trending Twitter video downloads Desktop tools for 2018

People are used to download videos using their smartphones. There are many mobile applications that you can download freely from Google Play or Apple Store to download and save videos from Twitter.  Those applications are great options to download videos from your mobile phone, but what happens when you want to download videos on your desktop? This is an interesting question as mobile applications cannot be used on desktop, at least most of them.

In this article, we are going to review 4 trending Twitter videos downloaders tools that can be used directly from your desktop in 2018.

SaveTwitterVideo Downloader

SaveTwitterVideo is online Twitter downloader that save Twitter videos on your desktop. This website is very light and well designed to ease the download job to users. SaveTwitterVideo supports thousands of social medias and video websites in one platform. To download video from SaveTwitterVideo, you just need to follow the below process:

  • Copy the URL of the Twitter page where the video is embedded
  • Paste the URL in the input box of
  • Press the download button to go to the download page
  • In the download page, select the video format you want and right click then save in your computer

SaveTwitterVideo is available is many languages. You can find the available ones on the bottom page of the site.

If you are interested to this online video downloader, go on the address

SavetingTwitter Downloader

Saveting Twitter Downloader is one of the Saveting tool that download videos from twitter. Saveting Twitter Downloader is similar toSaveTwitterVideo presented above, the additional features of Saveting Twitter Downloader

 Are the following:

  • It supports many sites, including an Instagram Downloader, Facebook, YouTube and Vimeo downloaders in one single platform
  • It provides many videos formats and sizes
  • It contains a blog and a help support page
  • It is faster than SaveTwitterVideo

Saveting Twitter Downloader is also free, you don’t have to pay for the use. Also, you can use it thousands of time without any restriction. Finally, Saveting Twitter Downloader provides lots of updates every week in terms of features and enhancement.

If you are interested to this online video downloader, go on the address


VimeoVideoDownloader, in opposite to what it name may say, this web application helps to download Twitter videos as well as Vimeo and other sites. VimeoVideoDownloader supports many languages, so if you are not English speaking, you still have a chance your language is supported by this website.

VimeoVideoDownloader is simply designed and can work on iPhone, iPad, Android phones like Galaxy or Nexus. Finally, VimeoVideoDownloader supports any kind of operating system including Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you are interested to this online video downloader, go on the address


SaveInstagramVideo is normally an Instagram downloader, but it downloads videos from twitter too. Using SaveInstagramVideo is similar to using Saveting Instagram Downloader. It provides many download links each one corresponding to a specific videos size. This popular website is used by hundreds of users every day and the traffic is increasing every single day. Try it and you will probably don’t regret.

If you are interested to this online video downloader, go on the address