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4 Key features to look for with dedicated server hosting

If your business has reached new heights and the regular online hosting server is not miking the ut, it’s time to buy a dedicated server making an investment of this scale can be intimidating. With so many options in the market, there are always doubts about what the right features are. Which features are right for you? You may choose to buy a cheap 1gbps dedicated server, apart from the speed and bandwidth, what are the other features to look out for when you buy a new server?


When booking a new server, it is essential to make sure that the service provider has good support. In case of a server crash or any glitches, the network provider should be able to resolve your issues as soon as possible. Check the websites of these companies to make sure they have a 24/7 support helpline before you purchase the network. Especially with bitcoin server hosting, a small delay or lag in resolution can cause huge monetary losses.

Free Dedicated IP

The idea behind having a dedicated server is to own a secure IP. This helps make important transactions without having to worry about shared IP losses or data breaches. A company is providing you with the service of a dedicated IP will also be able to asses you with additional IPs if needed.

Cost-effective use

With high-one-time-investments, these can be a tough call to make. Make sure you buy one that has the most value for money. For example, if you are getting a cheap 1GBPS dedicated server, then apart from the speed and space, make sure it also comes with higher uptime; it’s compatible with the OS and customizable c-panel.

Track record of uptime

The most common mistake people make is not researching a service provider and getting overpowered by ads. This often leads to a large host of problems. Make sure you spend time to read online reviews and tech-blogs to know who the right provider is. One can also check out reviews on Google or company websites to understand the issues faced by other consumers and see if they fit your company profile.