3 Best Mice For Gaming Reviews

  • Logitech G9X Review: Best mouse for gaming, or all hype?

The Logitech G9X is considered by many to be the best mouse for gaming, and it’s easy to see why if you take a quick look at its hardware features. The Logitech G9, its predecessor, is also a worthy gaming mouse, but the new additions brought by the X model are certainly worth the price difference. Our Logitech G9X review is here to show you the pros and cons of this model, and you can decide if this is the best option for you or not!

Customization is the main advantage the Logitech G9X has over other gaming mice. Everything can be customized, starting with its dpi and weight, and ending with its grip, LED color display and scroll wheel! Beside this, its other extremely important advantage is the laser sensor it uses! This is an improved version of the sensor the Logitech G9 used, and it works flawlessly on all surfaces, no matter if it’s functioning at 200 dpi, or at 5000 dpi!

The features mentioned above are very important and are definitely features the best mouse for gaming should have, in order to suit everyone’s needs. The weight can be customized with up to 28 grams, two grips are available for comfort or extreme precision, and the LED colors can be customized so only you know the exact dpi the mouse is currently functioning at. Any user submitted Logitech G9X review you read is also bound to mention the scroll wheel customization that allows you change between precise scrolling, with click-to-click action, and fast scrolling for long web pages and documents.

If you’re still not convinced that this is the best mouse for gaming, then perhaps reading an unbiased Logitech G9X review may change that.

You’ll see that most reviews are positive and users are extremely pleased with not only its performance but also its shape and weight. Even if they’re not satisfied at first, that can easily be corrected without resorting to purchasing another mouse.

If you’re looking for the best mouse for gaming, then there’s no better choice in this price range, and the Logitech G9X is certainly a mouse that will work flawlessly for years to come!

2.Razer DeathAdder Review: The nitty gritty

Looking for the best mouse for gaming but not sure what to pick? Why not take a look at this Razer DeathAdder review before making your final decision? Its features may just be enough to make you choose it over others!

It uses a 3.5G infrared sensor that offers a maximum sensitivity of 3500 dpi, and has a response time of only 1ms, as opposed to 8ms as other mice have. Its ergonomic right handed design is also something to be considered, so if you’re left handed, unfortunately this is not the mouse for you. Other features such as the gold plated USB connecter and large, ultraslick mouse feet, are something that serious gamers already expect the best mouse for gaming to have.

Razer DeathAdder review: Positive reviews from tons of users but a few down sides.

Even if you look hard for a negative Razer DeathAdder review you will not find one, because most people are so impressed with the DeathAdder. However, there are some down sides that you should be aware of, before purchasing. First, as mentioned above, it is not suitable for left handed people. However, even right handed people have expressed some discomfort when using the mouse for long periods of time, without break. The other main issue people have is with the side buttons. Even though it has 5 programmable buttons, the DeathAdder doesn’t have a shape that allows you to easily click the side buttons with your thumb, without causing discomfort.

It may not be the best mouse for gaming, but it doesn’t cost a fortune either, and its features are extremely close to what other, much more expensive, gaming mice offer. It may offer a lower maximum dpi, but it is more than enough for gamers that don’t have a multi-monitor setup. Achieving an excellent balance between price and features, the Razer DeathAdder is certainly a mouse worth considering, if you can handle its shape. Hopefully this Razer DeathAdder review has shed light on most of its pros and cons, and you can easily decide now if this is the best mouse for gaming for you, or not!

3. Razer Naga Review

The true gamer in you knows the value of authentic gaming equipment and this is where this Razer Naga review comes in handy. No doubt you are familiar with gamer keyboards that simplify many tasks in many PC games to give you that added boost in-game and the Razer Naga serves notice to expand that capability by providing a true gaming mouse for the real gamer in you.

Razer Naga Review: A favorite among gamers

The most recent release of the Razer Naga 2.0 now has caused a commotion in the online community with many users updating their Razer Naga review to reflect just how valuable the most recent version is to their gaming experience. Equipped with 17-MMO optimized buttons with fully programmable macro capabilities, easy button remapping functions, wireless connectivity for a true gaming experience, plus an ergonomic design catered for different hand sizes and grips via three interchangeable side panels, the Razer Naga gaming mouse is expected to stay.

Many a Razer Naga review highlights the key strengths of this device. First off, the ergonomic design is suited to long gaming sessions while reducing the risks of injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or even simple wrist pain. Users agree that the Razer Naga makes it possible to play extended game sessions with minimal hand fatigue. The 12-button configurable add-on for this mouse is also conveniently located and while it takes a while to get used to, your gaming sessions will never be the same again once you get accustomed to the Razer Naga. It stands to reason that many die-hard gamers even bring their own Razer Naga gaming mouse to internet cafes when engaging in extended tournaments with friends. That alone is something you know should be mentioned in any future Razer Naga review.

Razer Naga Review: Is this the best mouse for gaming for you?

The introduction of the Razer Naga now brings an extra dimension into PC gaming. On top of the gamer’s keyboard, the Razer Naga now provides compact and customizable macro and profile setups powered by the most recent 2.0 version of the Razer Naga software. It takes the gaming power from your fingertips to your hands, literally, and empowers you to do multiple things with the touch of a single programmed button. Check out the Razer Naga gaming mouse and revamp the way you approach PC games. With the Razer Naga, you have the power in your hands.