Everything You Need to Know About Video Calls

A video call is a call utilizing an Internet link, often called VoIP, that uses a video clip to transmit a live photo of the person making the call. Video clip phone calls are made using a computer’s cam or other electronic gadgets using a video-capable electronic camera, like a tablet, smart device, or phones […]


Laser Etching vs. Laser Engraving vs. Laser Marking: The Major Differences

While you may have heard the terms used interchangeably, there’s a distinctive difference between laser etching, laser engraving, and laser marking. There are so many different applications for these fantastic machines, including glass etching, rubber stamps, engraving, wood engraving, firearms, university applications, metal etching, photo etching, even engraved gifts. They’re also very popular for manufacturers […]


Social Media and a Cup of Joe: How Our Lives Have Integrated with the Internet

With the ongoing global pandemic, everyone has been trying to deal with pandemic stress. Many things have changed over the past year, and, as individuals, it has been difficult for us to keep up. Many of us have been experiencing mental health problems since the start of the quarantine period, especially with the social distancing […]