Why Buy Smart Bands

Smart band is already one of the necessary products in daily life. The function, appearance design and wristband design of the smart band are getting better and better. It attracts more people to choose to buy band 5.

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important vital signs. It can reflect the oxygen supply status of the body. Blood oxygen saturation is less than 90%, which may be considered hypoxia. Low blood oxygen is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue, drowsiness, palpitation and lack of energy. These will damage body functions for a long time. Smart bands can accurately measure blood oxygen saturation in real time. It can do this by optimizing hardware light paths and algorithms, fusing multiple light sources, extracting signals, and promoting signal enhancement. According to measures such as algorithm training and abnormal suppression, accurate measurement can reflect blood oxygen saturation. If you feel uncomfortable, you can lift the smart band to test it. It is convenient.

In terms of heart rate function, the smart band adopts TruSeen heart rate technology independently developed by HUAWEI. AI technology is optimized to enable the band to realize 24-hour heart rate. PPG module design can maintain heart rate while minimizing power consumption. The smart band has passed the sample measurement by CDB Center of Harvard Medical School. It can detect exercise heart rate, 24-hour continuous heart rate and resting heart rate. There will be a reminder to let users know their heart rate at any time.

When using the heart rate detection function, put the smart band at the two finger widths below the wrist joint. You should select the heart rate function and wait for a few seconds according to the prompt. Then you can get your own test results. The test results are accurate and can adjust their rest and exercise state accordingly.

People who stayed up late were listless when they got up the next day. They could not sleep and have nightmares. These are the key factors that affect people’s sleep quality. Wearing the smart band can improve the sleep quality. The smart band adopts HUAWEI TruSleep sleep detection technology. Through a series of algorithms, the sleep time of the user are identified. The sleep state of the user (including light sleep, deep sleep, REM rapid eye movement and awake) is judged. It gives hundreds of sleep improvement suggestions to improve the sleep condition of the user.

For example, smart home linkage, sedentary reminder, message notification, weather push, etc. Smart bands can realize these functions.

The cost performance of the smart band is quite high. At a price of about £29. 99, it supports so many practical functions and is really convenient for our life.

A smart band can bring comprehensive and accurate data detection to users. It can be dynamic in appearance, allowing users to chase a better self.