What Printer Loading Queue Issues Might Entail

The digital revolution has really changed pretty much everything about the way we live, today.  Obviously it has helped to streamline many industries, making nearly everything we do just a little more efficient.  In the home and office, wireless networking is a big part of this digital revolution, allowing you to stay connected to people and industries without having to actually visit them in person.

Again, it makes everything more efficient.

That is to say, of course, everything is efficient when everything is working as it should. Sometimes, technology can confound, especially when there is a problem.  Consumer technology is designed to do complicated tasks for us, so we don’t have to, and while that is very convenient, we quickly realize how important it is when these machines break down—because we don’t know how to fix them!


In terms of home computing, a common problem is loading queue printing issues.  You might encounter this issue when you send a print job to the printer from your laptop but there is a delay in the print job.  Typically, the printer software is supposed to fulfill a print request and then clear the request to make room for the next one. Sometimes, though, it is unable to clear the fulfilled requests, for whatever reason. This confuses the system when you try to make another request.

This issue is common when you pause a print job in the middle and then don’t finish it before starting a new job. To fix the problem:

  • Turn the printer off and also unplug it from the power source
  • Save the document on your computer
  • Open Windows Services and find the “Print Spooler”. Right click it
  • Drag the cursor to the “Stop” command
  • Use Windows Explorer to find the C:\Windows\System32\Spoo\PRINTERS driver
  • Delete all files that are still in the queue
  • Use Windows shut down command to turn off your computer
  • Reconnect and turn on your printer
  • Restart your computer
  • Try the print job again


After all that trouble, if the problem happens again you should check with the manufacturer to see if you have the proper drivers and most recent software.  Sometimes—especially when the problem is particularly common—they develop a patch that you just need to install.  Similarly, you can also try to remove and reinstall the original drivers (and updates) to “reset” the program.