USB Type C cable

What is the meaning of usb-c interface

USB-C interface is known as USB Type-C, belongs to the USB 3.0 next-generation interface, its highlights are slimmer design, faster transmission speed (up to 40Gbps), stronger power transmission (up to 240W). usb type-c interface is an interface type that can be applied to both PCs and external devices. type-c is the most intuitive advantage is to completely get rid of the trouble of plugging in, its inherently excellent positive and negative pluggable interface design, there will be no more mistakes or mistakes that lead to damage to the components. The most intuitive advantage of type-c is to completely get rid of the trouble of plugging in the cable, its inherent excellent positive and negative pluggable interface design, there will be no more wrong plugging or error after the damage caused by the parts of the situation.

Type-C interface has strong compatibility, so it has become a standardized interface that can connect all electronic devices such as PCs, game consoles, smartphones, storage devices and expansions, and realize the unity of data transmission and power supply, for example, two display devices are closely combined together through a Type-C cable.

USB Type-C interface features.


2, regardless of the front and back

3, fast transmission speed

4, bi-directional transmission

5, power supply capacity

6. Backward compatibility

USB-C can be compatible with older USB standards, but users need to purchase additional adapters to complete compatibility.

Second, what is the use of usb-c interface

1、Charging a host device (such as a laptop or smartphone)

One of the most useful designs of USB-C is to provide enough power to charge a host device (such as a laptop or smartphone). In fact, many lightweight laptops with USB-C ports use them as chargers or even as the only option for connecting an AC adapter. USB-C ports have a maximum transfer rate of 10Gb/s and a maximum output voltage of 20 volts, which can speed up charging time.

2. Data transfer (e.g. audio, video transfer)

With the right adapter and cable, it is also able to connect to and power native DisplayPort, MHL or HDMI devices, or to almost any other device. the USB-C specification even affects the audio transmission of the interface, but so far it has not replaced the 3.5 mm headphone jack on computers, and on cell phones as well. The new MacBook’s USB-C type port is capable of transferring data, charging and also linking external display devices as a video output port.

3. Bi-directional transmission

Unlike older USB ports where power can only be transmitted in one direction, the USB-C type port’s power transmission is bi-directional, which means it can have two ways of sending power. Therefore, users can now not only use their notebooks to charge mobile devices, but also use other devices or mobile power to charge their notebooks, which can be compatible with the old USB standard.

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