Tips for Collaborations on Social Networks

Now it’s time, based on my experience, to be able to make some final recommendations if you want to start testing collaborations on social networks: Study the person you want to collaborate with and ask yourself why. If your reason is “Because I want to be better known” then you are not ready for this conversation.

The main reason and reason for wanting to collaborate will always be the strategic part, but to join forces and learn from other professionals, do not break relationships with other entrepreneurs for the wrong reasons.

Not Every Opportunity Will Be a Good One

We must carefully evaluate and consider our profile and track record to avoid subjecting you to incorrect invitations. And yes, I am telling you this because it also happened to me, I believed in every opportunity “one of those that will never happen again”, and it turned out to be an experience that left a lot to be desired.

Not all opportunities will be good, even if it is the person, perhaps it is not the time or the conditions, or perhaps you long in your heart to achieve good collaborations in successful social networks but because of despair, go with the wrong one.

Here I’ll explain more because if you are a professional in your area and you are incredible (which I think you are) many people will want to take advantage of you, and those are things that out of respect for your work and what you do and strive for, you should not allow.

Followers Don’t Say Anything, Content Does

Confronting these two extremes, I am passionate every day! Because my work together with that of my team and will always be betting on valuable content.

In the beginning, we would be surprised to have an Instagram account with more than 10K followers, but today before looking at the followers, it is important that you ask yourself the question: What does this account bring to my community for me to collaborate with?

In this way, the followers will become something more if they influence, but I always recommend following your followers.

Final Words

When talk about social networks and collaborating, most times our busy schedules won’t allow us to hit the ground running. Social media marketing should be done by professionals who know how utilize the aim of each social network. This is one vital secret to being successful in social networks.