The Top 4 Reasons You Should Be Using Stanhope-Seta Equipment

Manufacturer Stanhope Seta design and distribute the best in testing instruments that can be used both under laboratory conditions and when working in the field. As a company with worldwide reach, they are also Queen’s Award winners and have been a British owned business for the best part of a century, offering unwavering quality and a wide variety in testing equipment, product solutions and education within the industry. Here are the top 4 reasons why you should be using Stanhope Seta laboratory equipment supplier.

  1. Quality

As a company, this supplier offers only top quality testing instruments that excel in performance, reliability and durability. As a family owned business for over 75 years, they know that providing top quality products along with paying attention to detail and customer retention go hand in hand. As a company, they provide not only innovative and worldwide leading instruments and equipment, they also ensure a high level of customer support and on site servicing wherever possible. They will also provide full testing as soon as equipment arrives in order to ensure full workability. They are passionate about the industry and continue to curate an ever-growing team of experts.

  1. Accreditation

All of their products are designed to adhere to strict industry standards and are accredited by various bodies, including ISO 9001 for both manufacture and design. Accreditation of this nature can only be obtained through many years of customer satisfaction and a reputation built on success and by continually meeting the high demands of this constantly evolving, high pressure industry. As the recipients of three Queen’s Awards, they are gold stamped as industry leaders and continue to grow and evolve to meet their client’s needs.

  1. Innovation

If you are looking for innovation, Stanhope Seta supplier provides everything you need for the constant evolution of technology in laboratory instruments and testing. The Seta Auto PMCC for example is the newest in fully automated closed cup flashpoint testing and is part of the next generation of control method testing. As a company, they can provide a wide variety of verification testers as well as other tools to verify quality parameters to the highest standards.

  1. Worldwide

Available in over 120 countries, the company are able to both ship and install to meet your needs. If you are looking for an African supplier, Stanhope-Seta Africa representatives can be on hand to help you. Providing worldwide shipment, the company also have exclusive distributors to expand their global reach. Aside from Africa, the company can also ship equipment and instruments to the Middle East. Exporters of Stanhope Seta include Mindex, who have been able to bring this and other brands to clients all across Africa since 1984. Along with a wide selection of distribution partners, the company also work hard to keep their clients up to date with changing technologies via workshops and opportunities to develop skills further through training.