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The cost effective services provided by the nyc printing press

Printing is not an easy task at all. It involves the hard work, great potential and a good team effort. The team comprises of skilful, innovative and professionalised workers. In modern times each and every image is presented by a “pixel art” which clearly gives the workers an idea about the pixel counts in every image and the value of colour that single pixel will have. There are many services of printing provided, some are mentioned below:

  1. Offset printing- It is considered to be innovative master of painting. It is termed offset as the formats are oversized.
  • These are printed directly from the mails.
  • The features of this type of printing in NYC printing presses are as follows:  They use metallic inks, coatings are done in a linear manner and spot colours.
  • The new advanced technology provides new sort of inks such as hybrid ultraviolet which dries quiet fast thereby speeding up the process of printing.
  • It reduces the amount of waste materials and maximizes the quality of printing.
  1. Digital printing- This method of printing includes spot colour printing, printing with white ink and     a large variety of printing papers having traditional aspects.
  • This printing helps to reduce the charges of making plates and works faster by receiving the file directly from the clients.
  • These printing presses have specialised and skilful graphic experts who make the printing new and innovative.
  1. Large format printing- The NYC printing use this type of printing to print large banners, hooding, posters and some type of trading advertisements etc.
  • The print could be full sized or laminated.
  • This print does not get affected due to weather as they are exposed outside in the open. The printing is done through UV ink, solvent ink and latex ink.

The right choice of printing method could be helpful for an effective business.