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The benefits of using Folx, your BitTorrent downloader Mac

Downloading from YourBitTorrent is worth learning because it helps you in easy and fast media files management. For example, by using YourBitTorrent you can download Movies, TV shows, games, music, software, and different types of E-book, etc. which will offer you excellent viewers experience at free of cost.

The good news is, it is an easy task if you use Folx, your BitTorrent downloader for Mac. The user-friendly software is available both in free and pro version. Before you go for accessing the software, you may check the benefits of this downloader software Folx, your BitTorrent downloader Mac.

Initializing the download with allied facilities

Folx is available in free and pro versions. While the free version is the basic version, it has several benefits that help to download in a friendly way. It can quickly download torrents, robotically catch downloading, and can pause and resume downloading according to users’ command and discretion. In addition to all these facilities, the BitTorrent downloader Mac, Folx can magnet links. The software in one word can make your media file management as easy as 1-2-3.

The benefits of using the pro version

There are improved advantages of using Folx Pro version. The features of the pro version can facilitate your downloading in a more comprehensive way. Some of the prime facilities using Pro version of Folx are:

  • Auto scheduling your target downloads
  • Auto integration of iTunes
  • You can regulate the speed of downloading according to your personal discretion
  • Facility for downloading favorite videos
  • You can split the download into 20 threads max
  • Facility to search torrents using the Folx interface
  • You will be able to save an unlimited number of passwords for HTTP websites, private trackers, FTP, etc.

In addition to all these plethoras of benefits, Folx offers some moiré facilities for you. These are facility o adjusting private settings before downloading Torrents, which includes assigning tags, splitting downloads into multiple threads, etc. Some of the facilities are not available in basic version but if you find the basic version completely okay and user-friendly, you can anytime upgrade the software in its pro version.

These are the benefits of using Folx for downloading your media files in Mac from YourBitTorrent. The software is light and intuitive so that you can get the privilege of using the same from the very first day.