Syncmate for Mac and Gionee synchronization

The Gionee phone, being an Android device, could not be synchronized with the Mac OS, easily. However, if you are using SyncMate, it is possible. Here are the features of this application.

An alternative for file transfer in android

The Syncmate app becomes the best alternative of android file transfer, once the Gionee device is synchronized with the Mac OS. You could use the phone with your computer and could make your computer an external drive. The mouse’s cursor could be used for operating phone.

Get the finder features on Gionee

Once your Gionee device is synchronized with your Mac OS, you get all the features that finder offers. This means that you could copy and archive different files easily. Also, with the help of the features that you get here, you could move certain folders simultaneously.

Synchronization of contacts and calendars

The most difficult work one could do is to synchronize the contacts and calendars, all by themselves. If you have done it ever, you must be aware of the difficulty level. With the help of Syncmate, you need not worry about it. The syncing process could be done very quickly.

Get the best music easily

There are a lot of people who have amazing playlists stored on their computer. If you too are one of them and want to have it on your Gioneee phone, then you just have to use the Syncmate app and you need to synchronize your phone with Mac. The whole playlist will be synced and you will have it on your phone.

Multimedia synchronization

Syncmate, with its amazing features, is one of the best options for managing your photos and videos. Once you have synchronized your Gionee phone with the Mac OS, you could transfer the photos and videos from one device to another. Not just this, you could even change the resolution of the images or videos that you are going to transfer.

Texting with the keyboard

Once a person, sync android Gionee with Mac, both the devices get the complete hold of each other. Therefore, if you wish, you could now take the help of your computer’s keyboard, in order to type messages and to send them.

Full folder sync

SyncMate, tool to synchronize Android Gionee and Mac, is best known for its quick transfer. The quickness of the transfer process could be understood by the fact that it does not transfer a single file; rather it transfers the whole folder at a time.

Interaction with the apps directly

One of the honest features of the SyncMate app is that it transfers the file directly from the application, which is associated with it.

Automation with everything

If you have synchronized the two devices with each other, you could get the required update automatically. If some activity is being done on the devices, then the update would take place in the background.

All the points mentioned above, clearly says that the application could make your work of synchronization really easy. One just needs to have the proper knowledge of the application.