Smart Use of the PDF Version for You

It took Microsoft a long time to recognize the importance of the PDF format. At the time of Windows Vista he had even tried to propose an alternative solution: the Xps (Xml Paper Specification), almost completely passed over in silence (the file viewer in this format is still present in Windows: it’s called XPS Viewer). You can also have the epub to pdf  conversion.

The Years for You

For years it was therefore necessary to resort to third-party solutions to be able to print a PDF with Word or another program in the Office suite, but today it is no longer the case. Already with Office 2007 Microsoft had surrendered to the obvious, making available an add-in for direct printing in PDF from the main programs of its suite. This Add-in is of which he then integrated the functions in later versions of Office.

To create a PDF file from a Word document, go to the Export section, in the Backstage view, and press the Create PDF / XPF document button (by default the option fortunately creates a PDF file). In the next window you can set the name to be assigned to the file and choose the optimization level: Standard or Minimum size. In the second case, a more powerful compression is applied to the images in the document.

  • We advise you to pay attention also to the presence of the Options button: pressing it accesses a dialog box that allows not only to restrict the pages that will be saved to a specific interval, but also to set some very useful options, such as automatic insertion in the Pdf of bookmarks created starting from those present in the Word document or the password protection of the generated file.
  • It is undoubtedly convenient to be able to create a Pdf without having to use third-party tools, but Word 2013 and 2016 offer much more: both versions of the program are able to open a Pdf and convert it into an editable Word document. The quality of the conversion cannot compete with that of software such as Omni page or Fine Reader but it is often quite good and, in any case, it allows you to recover and reuse the contents of a PDF without requiring repeated copying and pasting by the reader of Pdf to Word.

Operations that, in addition, do not always give the desired result: often in the copy are inserted “at the head” forced exactly where each line ended in the original document, and their removal is really boring: the conversion with Word does not present this problem.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. The open standard makes it possible to faithfully reproduce electronic documents regardless of the original application, the operating system or the hardware platform via a suitable PDF reader.

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The display on the screen and the printout on paper are always in the form determined by the author. This eliminates the typical conversion issues such as page breaks or incorrect fonts when replacing a document between programs. In addition to text, images and graphics, a PDF File Converter can also contain help for navigating within the document. These include, for example, clickable tables of contents or a miniaturized page preview.