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Review Marketing For Business


Do you think customer reviews and ratings play an important role in business? Yes, indeed it is! Digital marketing helps the business to market the products and services to customers easily. Research studies indicate that almost 90% of the customers read online reviews before selecting a product or service. Reviews help to build trust between consumers and business and a study proves that 88% of the customers trust online reviews.

Customer Reviews Define Your Brand

When customers buy the product or avail the service, they write online reviews about the product and give ratings for it. The review can be good, average, or bad. If the review is good, many new customers will buy the product by reading those reviews. Bad reviews can severely affect your business. Customer reviews play an important role in e-commerce. Online shoppers trust in reviews because they provide a sense of security that encourages them to make a purchase. They influence the purchasing behavior of the customers. You can get google reviews from customers through google reviews exchange. Many business use google reviews exchange to get good customer reviews for their business.

Reviews Give Increased Credibility

Websites which have good product reviews, Q&A responses, anduser images will have increased customer confidence in their business and products.They can improve sales in-store and online. If the business responds to customer reviews quickly irrespective of whether it is good or bad, it indicates that you value customer input and are committed to resolving any problems.

Review Marketing Strategy

A successful review marketing strategy paves the way for the growth of your business. Customers look for some factors in a review. They are listed below:

Star Rating

Before reading the review, the customers will look for the rating. Some of the ratings are given for 10 and mostly a 5-star rating is given. They will compare the rating with your competitor’s products. If the rating is above 3, your product will be considered good. If the rating is 3 or below, they won’t purchase from a business. The averagerating is considered as 3.

Quality and Quantity of Reviews

The second most important aspect is the quantity and quality is the third important aspect. The customers who read reviews look into how many numbers of customers are written on the review website or the business site. The quality of the reviews should be good. Some customers will write an essay while others will write short phrases and leave it at that. You can buy google reviews to improve the sale of the products.

Recency of Reviews

The reviews should not be too old. Customers do not trust old reviews. They look for new reviews updated recently. This is because the product might be good a year back but there may be some defects recently.The business should delete the old reviews and update new ones on the website. Some of the website update testimonials on the website with the permission of the customers.