Migration into cloud: 3 excellent reasons to relocate a company into the cloud in 2023

When it comes to addressing a modern organization’s unique IT demands, cloud computing provides a reasonable and cost-effective solution. More and more companies of all sizes are choosing to move a part or all of their crucial digital assets and business processes to the cloud to discover new growth and profitability opportunities and avoid the need to constantly manage uptime.

Reduced IT expenses, improved IT performance, enhanced simplicity for a remote workforce, and shortened deployment time are just a few of the many benefits that come with migration into cloud. Successful cloud migration may give a company a significant edge over its competitors and allow it to quickly and effortlessly automate processes, lower inherent on-premise data storage risks, and enhance overall IT infrastructure workload functionality.

Here are the three most compelling reasons to consider cloud migration in 2023:

  1. A higher degree of security

Operating on the so-called shared responsibility model, cloud service providers (CSPs) undertake to ensure that the cloud and its underlying infrastructure are well protected from possible cyber threats while the user is only in charge of securing their own data and assets stored in the cloud environment. Meanwhile, using conventional on-premise data centers to store and manage the company’s workflow places 100% of the responsibility on the end user.

  • Advanced backup and disaster recovery solutions

CSPs offer comprehensive backup and recovery services that prevent data loss caused by emergencies such as equipment damage, power cuts, etc. Cloud computing service providers have robust and reliable supporting disaster recovery mechanisms in place to make sure the user’s data remains intact no matter what and can be restored to its original form quickly and in full.

  • Substantial IT infrastructure cost savings

Switching from on-premise IT infrastructure to cloud technology has provided many businesses with greater flexibility and improved scalability. However, the most substantial advantage of moving to the cloud is an impressive cost reduction. While the upfront investment might appear large, modern cloud solutions enable businesses to operate more cost-effectively and gain countless financial perks in the long term. 

After the decision to move to the cloud has been made, an organization needs to start looking for a cloud migration service provider that best suits its requirements. A company called Dedicatted offers cloud migration services of excellent quality, enjoying a reputation as a reliable and competent partner for numerous organizations in need of a smooth and effortless cloud transition.