How To Use Pitchbox For Outreach Marketing

Every marketer knows that outreach is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming parts of their job. A lot of marketers use this for several purposes. Often, it’s to conduct guest blogging, reach targeted leads, offer product donations or build industry relationships. Keeping track of all the outreach using your email inbox can be quite a mess. Plus, building and finding a list of targets is quite daunting.

This is the time where Pitchbox comes in. It is a specialized outreach-marketing platform that aims to manage and concentrate all of your efforts in outreaching. A lot of marketers use Pitchbox to conduct guest blogging, reach out to leads, establish relationships and build brand awareness. And the best part? It can help you find people to reach out to.

For this reason, Pitchbox is a favorite among marketers because:

  • It allows you to build relevant lists to reach out to
  • It helps you manage every one of your outreach efforts from a single location

What does Pitchbox Do?

Pitchbox is a nifty tool to have if you’re doing a link building for your site or your client. It helps automate the outreach and prospecting processes. The people behind this excellent tool has recognized how hard it is to do link building and has created Pitchbox to remove all the issues. It has saved hundreds of people the time and effort to create the best link building.

How To Use Pitchbox Effectively

Create Campaigns and Projects

Projects and campaigns allow you to stay a bit more organized with several outreach strategies. The project type that you need to create will need a theme, purpose and a goal.

Write Email Templates

Create email templates which will serve a particular purpose. With Pitchbox, the tool automatically personalizes the email, so you have nothing to worry about. But you have to make sure these templates use the appropriate language and tone that’s in line with the goal of your campaign. If you want to build backlinks by merely reaching out to bloggers, you have to be tactful.

Set Up Follow-Up Emails

Pitchbox takes care of the follow-up process until your lead replies which are why you don’t need to follow up yourself. Just make sure that you have set up at least two follow-up emails in case your lead does not respond to your email.

Lead Import or Generation

To get leads onto Pitchbox, you have two options:

  • Use the lead generation features of Pitchbox
  • Import your very own spreadsheet that contains leads

Pitchbox can quickly generate a list for you if you don’t have any leads yet.

Lead Vetting

By choosing Pitchbox to generate a list of leads, you’ll need to manually select the ones you are going to use for the outreach. You’ll be provided with metrics to each lead to help you decide if you should pursue or not. It includes page rank, domain authority, and info on the person whose email address is collected.

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