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Genesys Integration with SalesForce Is Changing the Very Face of Call Center Industry

Accessing the necessary information while assisting a client is not easy when the data is scattered across different platforms and the client is waiting on the line. However, this can be made quite easier by putting in place Salesforce Service Cloud Lightning system with omnichannel Genesys solutions.

Integration like this can do wonders by eliminating stumbling blocks from customer experience. This will also provide contact center agents with powerful tools – they will now have access to the customers’ entire interaction and message history. As a result, contact center agents will be able to provide personalized experience.

Agents will now be able to discover the amazing world of Salesforce Lightning that guarantees speed and efficiency. Agents will have a single unified UI where the information is available in a simplified and easy-to-access format.

Genesys CTI integration with SalesForce now has a new and exciting feature and that is – embedded calls control. This embedded calls control feature is changing the very face of the industry by allowing contact center agents to perform operations such as call holding, disconnect, call transfer, call conference and click-to-call. Previously, an agent would have to juggle between different software applications to manage all these different types of interactions. Computer-telephone integrations or CTI has undoubtedly redefined the very concept of contact center workflows.

Perfect omnichannel engagement strategy requires that Genesys routing be put in place. It is the Genesys routing that makes it possible for users to have direct access to miscellaneous self-service channels. With Omnichannel native routing, customers will have the option to choose the communication channel that they prefer to use.

The inclusion of unified desktop has enabled contact center agents to track and manage multichannel interactions with ease. Be it generic objects, web chats, callbacks or receiving calls directly from the customers, everything can now be managed simply from a single dashboard.

Genesys integration with SalesForce has made reporting considerably easier, and the reports have become much more compact. Accessibility of interaction reports has eliminated the need to input the same users’ information over and over again, allowing contact centers to increase their productivity level.

Also, PureCloud for Salesforce is basically an HTML 5 power application. The application is hosted in powerful Amazon Web Services and it directly interacts with the users’ browser. This is quite convenient, since it eliminates the necessity to update call center software on a regular basis. Everything is done on the server side, so there is no need to worry about having outdated software or having to install updates.

With PureConnect and SalesForce integration contact centers are now fully empowered and equipped with the latest technologies to provide quick customer service to callers. Integration can be taken care of by internal engineers, as well as by external expert company such as Miratech.