Choosing The Best USB Microphone For Podcasting

If you record podcasts, you should know that sound quality is one important factor that dictates the success of any podcast show. You may have a juicy topic, but your audience will lose interest in case your audio isn’t crisp and clear. That being said, you may want to invest on top-quality podcasting equipment such as computer hardware, software, a recording device and, of course, your USB microphone. Here it’s worth mentioning that the choice of the right USB Mic is necessary for recording quality podcasts. If you’re not familiar with the best USB microphone for podcasting, check out these top class Mics in the reasonable price range.

Blue snowball

The Blue Snowball is available in two forms – the Snowball iCE and the Regular Snowball. While the iCE is promoted as basic quality, the Regular Snowball is what is referred to as the professional quality option. The Regular Snowball is a fine Mic; it’s well built and has its own stand. In case you’re a bit intimidated about operating a microphone, the snowball is the right option to get started.

The only downside is it lacks a headphone port, which makes it impossible to monitor the audio when recording. You’ve to complete the recording and then listen it back to find any mistakes. However, the Mic is an ideal choice for starters who’re just getting started with podcasting and wish to try a budget Mic.

Blue yeti

The Blue Yeti is probably the most favored podcasting microphone on the planet. Compared to its counterparts, it has more features, sounds better, weighs more and costs more. The Yeti is a great looking Mic and comes with its own stand. It has a few polar pattern options; they determine where the Mic picks sounds from. For example, if you set the Mic to the bi-directional pattern, you could record a co-hosted show or an interview with somebody sitting at either side of your Mic.

For recording a discussion, just set the Mic to the omni-directional pattern, and the Mic will record the discussion of people around your table. If you wish to talk on the Mic on your own, set it to the cardioid pattern. Available in the modest price range, the Mic is perfect for solos and interviews.

Samson meteor

It’s a trendy looking USB microphone. Featuring a good sound quality, the Mic is priced in the economical range. It’s lighter in weight and easily portable, which makes it ideal for those who’ve to record podcasts on the go. If you’re looking for a Mic that can record quality sounds in a quiet environment, then the Samson meteor is the right choice.

Additionally, it’s an aesthetically distinctive microphone. As such, it might be a worth considering Mic if you do a little bit of video recording. The only downside is it can’t record quality sounds in places with a lot of background noise.

Final thoughts

A good-quality USB Mic can make a major difference between success and failure in audio recordings. You ought to use the best USB microphone for podcasting to get better results. Just check out these top-rated USB microphones in the modest price range, and choose an ideal one to take your podcasting venture to a new level.