7 Tips To Start A Successful YouTuber

When you start walking into the path of a YouTuber, you will encounter a lot of questions such as where you will start, what you need to do, what you must pay attention to …

 And in this article, We have 7 great but useful tips to help you become a successful YouTuber. Read on below!

1. Set Impressive Video Titles

Remember that on YouTube there are hundreds of millions of different videos, even if you want to watch all those videos, you have to spend nearly 2000 years.

With such a huge number, the chances of your video on YouTube channel being clicked on by users will be very low. This also means that you have to use a lot of ways to get noticed, and the first thing to do is to write an impressive video title.

2. Do SEO on YouTube

Youtube is a social network that shares videos, but you can also see Youtube as a search engine similar to Google.

 Today people also go to YouTube to search for information, tutorials, and share photos. In particular, when YouTube was bought by Google in 2006, its search-related features became more complete.

 And since then, SEO YouTube has become an important part of creating YouTube channels.

Basically, you need to pay attention to the following:

The main keyword is required in the title and video description.

– Referring to the main keyword more in video content, Youtube also censors this issue.

– Add tags (tags) for videos.

– Split categories for videos.

3. Learn The Content Trends Of Viewers

Whether you produce text or video content, it is important to understand the topic that users are interested in.

There are two ways to know which videos to post on your YouTube channel:

Refer to the featured video of Youtube channels that have the same theme, the same viewers.

– Use Youtube Analytics to analyze your Youtube channel, here you will have details of information such as user characteristics, videos with the most views and interaction …

Once you do the videos that are right to the trend, your YouTube channel will have more viewers. So, try to make your videos interesting and funny as it catches up with viewers’ trends.

4. Choose Attractive Thumbnails

YouTube usually chooses one of the frames in your video by default, but unfortunately, sometimes the thumbnail image is blurred or too monotonous.

Instead, you should design a custom avatar, use Photoshop or any tool you have to make it more attractive to the viewer and upload as a thumbnail.

Another trick is to have a prominent name in that picture.

Of course, between two thumbnails, the more impressive one will be clicked first. And I want that will be your video.

Another important thing I want you to notice is the first 15 seconds of the video. Focus all of the best in this 15 seconds because it will determine whether to watch or stop watching by viewers.

5. Create A Periodic Video Series

If you notice that you will see YouTube channels that are constantly “subtitling” a certain popular movie that is always much more attractive, because their content is periodic, it makes viewers expect to follow.

You may not make subtitles for movies, but as long as you are a YouTuber, you should have periodic videos. You can inform viewers about the release of your videos every Friday, or you’ll have a special video every Sunday. That’s how you make viewers wait for your videos.

6. Suggest Viewers Share, Like Or Follow

If you often watch vlogs or tutorial videos on YouTube, you’ve probably seen many people suggesting this: “Like it, Like!”, “Share video so everyone can do this!”.

With fun hints, you can make viewers actively interact with your videos, contributing to bringing your vlogs to more people.

If you have a website, you must be familiar with navigating internal links, right? And you can also suggest readers follow or share these links. They will guide readers to many of your other articles. Therefore, you should recommend related videos in the same channel, such as inserting a note tag, placing a link in the description.

7. Necessary equipment

In order to become a successful YouTuber, you need to purchase some essential equipment needed to create videos but don’t spend a lot of money to get started.

At a minimum, you will need to have:

  • Camera: Before paying over $ 500 for a DSLR or mirrorless camera, you should know that the webcam is good enough to start and costs less than $ 100, or you can use a smartphone.
  • Tripod (Tripod): If you have a separate camera, you will need a tripod to keep it stable. It can be placed on a table or shelf, but the tripod is more flexible and inexpensive. It can also combine well with smartphones.
  • Microphone: Built-in microphones come with cameras, even on webcams, smartphones, DSLRs or mirrorless, often not working well. So use an external best microphone for youtube (such as a shotgun or lapel mic), record your own sound, then mix it with the video.
  • Video editing software: If you have finished filming a vlog then the next thing you need to do before releasing it is editing. Take a course on video editing skills. You can add some effects, icons, images … to help your vlog not be boring.

To sum up

Don’t forget to thank your viewers for their contributions and feedback. Accept all feedback to improve your content, whether it’s positive or negative. Having someone criticize your work is a sign that they are still interested in your work.

And more importantly, don’t be afraid to ask your fans / subscribers. Once you have fans, interact to keep them with your channel.

Have a good day!