What Are Smart Speakers? Learn How They Can Simplify Your Routine

  Do you remember the first versions of Siri? At the very beginning, it seemed that these virtual “helpers” got things wrong more often than they got things right. There were autocorrect fails, calls you tried desperately to hang up when you saw that she picked the wrong “Sarah.” Thankfully, Siri got better as time […]


Speed Test: Is Fiber Internet Better?

In the United States, high speed internet is common with 75% of people reporting that they have it at home. While that leaves millions without high speed internet, the question often arises as to what kind of internet is the best. People often wonder, is fiber internet better? Or should they stick with cable or DSL options? […]


What Is Consumer Behavior? How Does It Affect A Company & Bottom Line?

Consumer Behavior is the study of how consumers act, think and feel as they interact with different products. It’s also a holistic approach to understanding customers and their motivations. Many factors influence consumer behavior. Consumers often develop habitual responses to marketing stimuli, called stimulus-response habits. This means that consumers may make decisions without call centre […]

Tech Updates

Why Is API Validation Of Emails Important?

If you are employed or have your own business, you cannot replace email’s importance in your choice of field. And emails, though it seems to be a very simple task, it requires mastery, skill and efficiency to send out the right email to your colleagues and close the deal. Email hygiene is something every person […]


5 Tips for Creating an Effective Eye-Catching Poster

Are you thinking about using eye-catching poster design to promote an event? Or maybe you’re trying to increase your brand awareness. Digital and printed posters are also ideal for advertising products and services. Regardless of why you’re creating a poster, there are a few things you need to know about the process. For example, if […]


Amazon Marketing: 5 Tips to optimise your amazon product listing

There are thousands of products on Amazon. Competition is really high. As the seller, you have to make sure that your product reaches the eyes of your target audience. For that, you need to optimise your Amazon listing. The Amazon Marketing Agency uses a private algorithm to filter their product suggestions. The factors are mainly […]


How to Buy Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram Auto Likes to boost their social media presence. As Instagram grows in popularity and visibility, it becomes more difficult for users to increase their profile’s popularity and visibility. New users are coming up every second, so the competition is heating up, but don’t worry. Purchasing an Instagram auto like will provide them with […]